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Grace and Gunn, based near the Gloucestershire/Worcestershire border are a lifestyle brand whose casual clothing oozes effortless style.

The brand prides itself on creating vibrant casual wear made from sustainably sourced materials, designed in-house by Michelle and Lucy and hand finished in our very own studio!

Whether you are off to the gym, out with friends for coffee or simply to snuggle by the fire, Grace and Gunn have the answer.

Grace and Gunn's designs are defined by simple yet sophisticated colours that are effortless to style. At the heart of each collection, almost all garments are constructed from sustainable 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Lucy and Michelle work hard to make deliberate decisions about who they work with, how they work & what materials
they use. The aim is always to create high quality garments in the most responsible and ethical way, 
without compromising on style.

Michelle and Lucy Grace and Gunn.jpg

About my Business partner; 


Michelle is the sort of woman who most would struggle to keep up with, but she is also one of the kindest people on the planet!

She is a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist, a qualified PE teacher and mum to her two girls, Georgie who is 4 and Grace who is nearly 2.  

Michelle graduated from University with a BSc hons in Sport and Exercise Sciences, and then took a totally different path by working for a top shooting agent and country clothing company before completing her secondary teaching qualification.  


Natrually, Michelle loves sport and her release is Netball, specifically zooming around playing Centre with her beloved Bailey Bells.   She also shares my love of horses and spends as much time as she can on her family farm.  Alongside this, she spends many weekends away at race circuits in their caravan as she is an avid race car fan - plus her husband Rob owns a race team, although she reminds me it isn't as glamorous as it sounds!


I first met Michelle at Young Farmers, and have enjoyed many good night's on a dance floor/barn with her!  Since then our meetings have been slightly different-coffee and cake rather than VK Ice and we were actually in the same hospital giving birth at the same time - Michelle having her youngest, Grace and me having Darcey; they are born one day apart!


Michelle has recently finished teaching and now looks to take on a new challenge with me in the form of Grace and Gunn and I cannot wait!



Pet hates:


Spiders and mean people!


Pet loves:


Dancing all night, movie nights and sunny walks.

About my Business partner;

Screenshot 2020-11-25 at 10.53.07.png

Lucy loves a challenge in the shape of a mountain, particularly Mount Kilimanjaro. She graduated from The Royal Agricultural College with Farm and Agri management however her parents believe she had more knowledge of the wine selection in the supermarket!

Lucy thrives off variety and has worked in various different industries from milking sheep, working for a top Bloodstock Agent and more recently Countrywide Farmers and Shires Equestrian.

In her spare time Lucy is a keen hockey player and calls this her stress and anger management and likes to make fascinators after completing a millinery course to chill out with a glass of wine when she can.   Alongside sharing daughters of a similar age and particularly strong characters we also share a passion for horses and Lucy was stuck by the showing bug from an early age and hopes her daughter Darcey will follow in her footsteps. 

Lucy’s partner Mark is constantly busy with his own groundworks business however does help out on his Family farm where Darcey enjoys running after the cows, sheep and pigs….just missing a pony!

Lucy is also embarking on a holistic massage course to add to her collection of skills.

The name ‘Grace’ means an awful lot to both of us, firstly because it’s my daughter’s name but this is also Lucy’s late Grandma’s name and her daughter Darcey’s middle name.

We both love fashion hence why we want to offer this fabulous, easy to wear clothing and still feel and look a million dollars going about your day.

Pet Hates:

A party that finishes far too early!

Judgemental and negative people; nobody knows what is around the corner in life so always be generous with your kindness.

Pet Loves:




We are always looking for new and exciting collaboration and partnership opportunities. Let's connect.

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